Some Recent Work

Just thought I'd share a few of the things that I have done recently. I hope you enjoy them as much I did making them!

Travel Wipe Cases

Laminated Travel Wipe Cases

Diaper Cakes

Breaking News Part 2!

Here is the 2nd addition to my Etsy Store:
Introducing Laminated Wipe Cases!
These are like my regular wipe cases but with the addition of the laminated plastic covering that allows the extra protection to the cloth underneath. Now you don't have to be worried about choosing the wipe case with the light fabric decoration. With this new laminated travel wipes case-just wipe it clean and off you go!

Med. Laminated Case

Breaking News!

I wanted to share a couple of new products I am going to be including in my Etsy store. The first new addition is my Diaper Cupcakes. These are so fun & everyone thinks they are something you can eat. At only $12, they are a great add on to another gift you may have planned or just as a fun decoration at your shower. They can be made to match any theme. The ones shown here are just a generic design that go with anything.
Baby Boy Diaper Cupcakes
Baby Boy Diaper Cupcakes
Baby Girl Diaper Cupcakes
Baby Girl Diaper Cupcake

Some Christmas Gifts to Share

I know it's a little late to show off things for Christmas, but these came out so cute, I just have to share!

This first picture is a Baby's 1st Christmas Diaper Cake. It is completely custom, made with a handmade flannel receiving blanket wrapped around 15-20 Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers. Blanket is decorated with glittery, fun snowmen and Santa's and topped with a jumbo plush "Baby's 1st Christmas" bib and a Santa hand rattle. This unique cake is finished with an elegant red ribbon wrapped around the bottom of the cake and fun red & green curly ribbons about the top. It was a really inexpensive gift that was sure to be a big hit with baby's parents!

Baby's 1st Christmas Diaper Cake

This next gift was a fun Christmas Diaper Wreath. This wreath is made from approx. 15 Size 2 Huggies Diapers, A plush infant Santa hat & a pair of matching booties, 1 4oz green bottle, 1 red infant pacifier and a plush Ty Beanie Baby Teddy Bear wearing a stocking hat. This wreath is finished with lots of red & green curly ribbon to tie everything together. This gift was another really inexpensive gift that is practical for any new parents and so fun to give!

Christmas Diaper Wreath

We're Back!

I have been gone way to long. Things got so hectic during the holidays that I just didn't get the time to update this blog like I should. I have been busy with lots of new projects and participating in a lot of craft shows so I have a lot to share with everyone. Let me know your thoughts and remember a lot of the items I share here are available in my Etsy store:

Let's start with a towel cake I did for a bridal shower. This was a 2 tier cake made out of 2 large bath towels, 2 hand towels and a candle tucked in the middle. The brides colors were Red, Black & White so I added lots of full red flowers, smaller white flowers and accents of red and black berries. Cake was pulled together with elegant red & black ribbons to make it a perfect, unique gift for the bride to be.

White, Red & Black Towel Cake

White, Red & Black Towel Cake Side

Quilt Pattern Set

Here is a rush order I did this weekend. The set includes the covered travel wipe case, a paci clip & a taggie "lovie" blanket. The material used is a cotton flannel and so soft! I made two different clips to choose from, they are both pictured, but only one was included in the set.

Mini Fairy Princess Cake

I was asked if I could make a cake for a price of $25-$30 and this Fairy Pricess Cake is the result. It contains 12-15 size 2 Huggies Supreme diapers, a cotton flannel receiving blanket and to top it off, a pair of infant socks made into roses and a Fairy Princess bib. Instead of using the diaper pin to fasten it all together, I bound it with an elastic band and created the flower. I think it adds a very nice touch making an inexpensive gift look that much more elegant.

Belle Notte

These were made for a company party. They are printed on 4 x 6 cardstock and then mounted on a slighter larger and thicker cardstock (not shown in picture below). I think they really turned out cute and was told everyone loved them!

Black & White Wedding Invitations

Here are some wedding invitations I did not to long ago. The pictures below are the samples that I made for the couple to choose from. The wording is also just a sample of what the inside would look like. They ended up choosing the style with the white bow. They liked the unusual shape of the invitation inside. I also made it small enough to fit inside of a standard announcement envelope to help save on postage.

I'm Not Spam

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Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Adorable Baby Boy Wipe Cases

Hello All, sine I haven't updated recently I thought I'd start off with some really cute wipe cases that I made this month for some very good friends. Each of these was made with a pacifier clip to coordinate & came out really cute. Let me know your thoughts.

Pink Flower Wipe Case

I made this wipe case & pacifier clip as part of the the Pink Flower cake gift that I posted previously. The material is so pretty & went well with the cake. The clip is custom made just like the wipe case.

Pink Flower Cake

I recently made this cake as a group gift for a new baby girl. It is made with 40 Size 2 Pampers Swaddler diapers, 2 cotton receiving blankets, 2 pairs of infant socks, 1 4oz baby bottle, 2 pacifiers and 2 bibs (one on back - not pictured and 1 hidden inside). Also hidden inside this beautiful cake is one infant sleep and play 2-piece outfit,Johnson & Johnson bath travel lotion, shampoo and body wash. This cake is detailed with tiny sock roses decorating the top of the cake and pink shred icing.The pretty flower made from the bottom tier blanket completes this absolutely girly girl cake.

Birth Announcements - Available For You!

The pretty pink announcment is one I made this announcement for my sweet niece Micaela. We did a little home photo shoot, I edited the pictures we got & came up with announcement above. We printed these 4 x 6 on Matte paper. They came out beautiful & my sister ended up getting a lot of compliments on the them. The second one is a classy, but simple, 4 x 6 announcement and a great way to welcome your baby into the world. Though the one shown features a baby boy, the colors can be edited to your needs.

Pink & Brown Polka Dots

My sister called me to let me know she had a friend that liked her travel wipe case and wanted to know if I could make her one in a pink & brown color scheme. I happened to have some polka dot material that matched what she was looking for. I created two different cases for her to choose from. She chose the all polka dot case & another friend of hers wanted the half solid pink & half polka dot case. Worked out great!

Adorable Baby Boy

This is a really cute way to "bake" a diaper cake. I made this one for a really great lady I met at a Holiday Boutique. She was attending her Great Granddaughters baby shower and wanted to have a diaper cake to bring to it. I had this one started so I was able to get it to her right away. This is a 2 tier cake with about 35 size 1/2 Pampers. The bottom tier is iced with a cotton/thermal blankets and the 2nd tier is iced with matching ribbon and topped with a cute Baby Boy doll. Everything coordinated perfectly. I also added Johnson & Johnson travel bath products hidden inside the bottom tier. She seemed to really like it & as it sat on a table we had quite a few people come up and give their compliments. I know I thought it came out really well!

Happy New Year!

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. My family had a tremendous loss of my Papa this last December. He went in for open heart surgery on November 15th and died on December 12th. It was such a shock to us all and I think my entire family including myself were on automatic pilot getting through the holidays. We are all now getting back to our normal routines and mine includes sharing some of my newest creations. I don't want to include them in this particular post, but will be adding a few more so that you can all see what I have started my New Year off with. I wish you all much happiness and all the joy this New Year can bring!

Twin Baby Girl Diaper Cake

This is one of my favorite creations. My customer was planning a shower for twin girls. We set a budget and went over some different ideas and decided on this "cake" with twin babies as the topper. The shower ended up being postponed due to the twins early arrival, but we were then able to personalize the cake with the names & weight of each girl. This adorable cake was made with 2 cotton receiving blankets, approx. 30 Huggies diapers and the twin baby dolls on top. It was adorned with "It's A Girl" ribbon and "iced" with pink & iridescent shred. This cake was sold for $40.00. Initially this customer was going to use the cake as a centerpiece, but decided to give it as her gift because she was so thrilled with it.

Snowman Diaper Cake

I was looking through some pictures and found this one of a Snowman Diaper Cake I made last Christmas. I almost forgot about him. This cake was a 2-tier cake with about 30-40 Huggies Diapers, topped with iridescent shred "icing" with a adorable snowman peeking out from the top. He was a big hit & perfect for a Christmas newborn.

Travel Wipe Cases

Just wanted to re-post some pictures of the covered travel wipe cases I have been making. They are super cute & can be made to match a nursery theme, a diaper bag or any favorite theme you may have. These are currently selling for $12/ea & I can have a custom case out to you in 2-3 days!